They wouldn’t say what they were doing out there. 

Out there in the desert. At night. When it’s still holding steady at one hundred degrees. 

They refused to give their names. 

One of them lost a shoe. 

It’s out there. It’s full of rats. And fish. Fish bones. Just off Blue Diamond. It still smells like salt water. 

Most didn’t believe them. Thinking these three teens were just out in the desert doing drugs, having sex, or whatever teenagers do when the heat is this oppressive. 

The girl, the one without shoes, finally convinced a metro police officer to investigate what they called a sunken ship in the desert. 

That was three hours ago and neither the cop nor the teens have returned. 

An emergency search is in progress. There has been no sightings of the teens or the police officer. 

The only clues that anyone has been able to find are what seems to be the wet foot prints of a teenage girl and a coin that could possibly be from the 16th century. 


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