Ship part 6

It’s all the same. 

An ocean doesn’t have to be water. It can be dirt, sand, wasteland. There are still waves here. 

An ocean is an expanse. You know this, you may have forgotten it. But, it’s true. Even inside of you, between heart beats, is an ocean. Each blood pumping thump equal to gale-force winds off the coast of Galveston. 

The desert is an ocean. 

An ocean is a place for ships and sailors. 

And where those are…so are we. You navigate this land by using the light from the pyramid. How is that different than the stars?

I look around, knowing exactly how to get back – just go towards the Luxor. 

She smiles. Hums. Climbs down from her perch and approaches me. 

The flashlight glints off of her white, shark-like teeth. 


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