Seven Ships

Rows and rows of sharp teeth. 

That’s all I can focus on. 

Her smiles makes my stomach turn but I can’t look away. She plays with her hair and stands in front of me, singing to herself. 

I want to leave, but she takes me by the hand, singing louder, and leads further into the desert. 

We walk. 

The shipwreck appears in the sand. Salt water winds and the faintest echoes of gulls and buoy bells. A flash from a lighthouse that doesn’t exist. 

I illuminate the ship with my flashlight, but the batteries are failing. Have I really been out here this long?

My light falls on what was once the figurehead of the ship. You can tell it was supposed to be a beautiful woman. Maybe it was once. Dark hair that flowed through the wood, rosy cheeks and perky breasts decorated with sea foam. Now, the face was worn down, bleached, looking more like a wooden skull. A warning. 


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