11th Ship

The ship didn’t seem this big from the outside.
We go down stairs.
Old chandeliers sway in nonexistent breezes.
She pulls me further.

The water is now up to my knees. She moves fast, seemingly annoyed that I slow her down.
I’ve lost my shoes somewhere.

I slip.

The water is over my head.
My feet can’t find the ground.
I struggle.
She won’t let go of my hand.

I open my eyes and through the murky water I can see her smiling.

Through the water I can hear her singing.

She won’t let go.
She pulls me deeper and the water goes black.


Strange News from Nowhere Review

The fine folk over at Still Eating Oranges were kind enough to review and spread the word about the new book. Here’s what they had to say:

Regarding… Strange News from Nowhere

Today we bring you a post outside our usual fare. A long-time supporter of Still Eating Oranges, Logan Riley (@unshapereality), recently self-published a book of flash fiction; and he asked us whether we’d like to spread the word. After reading its lengthy preview on Amazon, we agreed.

The book is entitled Strange News from Nowhere. It is a series of fictitious gonzo journalism articles, written by a disappeared reporter who frequently encountered the weird. The result recalls classic episodes of The Twilight Zone: high-concept irrealism; mysterious snapshots that refuse to add up. Those who’ve enjoyed the fiction posted on this blog will likely feel at home in Riley’s world.

In one story, a woman has a small black hole in her brain. Elsewhere we find the apocalypse, or something like it, in New York City: “Washington Square Park seems to be the beginning of the end. Concentric concrete circles filled with burning garbage cans and stray animals.” All we’ve read so far has been compelling, and we have much to read yet.

Those interested may find the book on Amazon. Kindle Unlimited subscribers (or trial users) may read it for free. Riley is a talented up-and-comer whose support we’ve valued for years–and we hope to find him a few new readers. Although we rarely ask for reblogs, they would be much appreciated in this case.

Still Eating Oranges

This write up makes me happy. They definitely get the voice I was going for. They are an artist collective and their posts are deep and true and always worthwhile spending some time with. Check them out. And buy the book!

Ship 10

I hear fireworks.

Is it the Fourth of July already?

Or are those cannons?

It’s getting hotter in the ship. Humid. Ghost waves crash against the sides and a bell rings in the distance.

The girl is gone but I can feel her eyes watching me from some shadow. I still don’t know where her friends are.

I step on something that was once hard. My flashlight moves over old bones and driftwood.

“This ship has been here for centuries. Before the lights. Before your people. Before the desert sands covered everything.”

I hear wind. More fireworks.  She takes my hand and pulls me deeper into the wreck.