Dinner with the Moon

She sent her brother to the dinner.
He came down, glowing soft and blue, radiant and hopeful.
The clouds parted and he met the old woman’s gaze.

She offered him food. Plenty of it.
He was there more for business than pleasure…but looking at the food, there was going to be no pleasure to be found.
And, being who he is, with his constant changes and phases, there would be no business without any pleasure.

He turned his nose up at the food.
He didn’t care how it made his family look or how disrespectful it was.
It looked like vomit and snot to him.

When he arrived home, his sister was nowhere to be found.
The house was cold and dark.
He looked everywhere.
Finally, he felt her heat.
The heat of anger and embarrassment.
The heat of passion and sibling rivalry.

He chased after her, but he could not catch her.
Fire flew from her feet and shadows passed over his face.

He ran.
She ran.
She would never forgive him.

At night, he sits and looks down over everything, hoping to find his sister.
By day, she burns bright and hot, too hot, making sure that no one – not even her own brother – can get near her.


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