Life is Beautiful 3

The 2016 Life is Beautiful festival is over.

I’ve cut my wrist band off and am finally beginning to achieve that sought after feeling: rest.

The last day found me in The Vegas learning some more and gathering inspiration.

From learning about the acceptance of death to the widespread power of kind acts to the future of city planning.

My heart and mind instantly latched onto the talk of Dr. Kate Stone. The future is here and it’s not hover boards or space flight, its connectivity through the possibility of creativity through interaction.

The 90’s child in me was filled with glee watching Third Eye Blind perform and realizing why bands continue to create and share music – to connect with their audience, their fans, their friends.

Warpaint played a mellow but intriguing show on the Huntridge stage, allowing me space to breathe and soak in their music amongst a smaller but enthralled crowd.

Now I’m back in my hotel room listening to the fading sounds of dance music and laughter in the street and I’m beginning to reflect on the weekend.

Life, to sound completely obvious, is about living. Remind yourself that death is real (we all succumb to it) but use it as a reminder to live fully.

Follow your passion, follow creativity. Do not be afraid to take risks and to step out of your comfort zone. Do not let doubt hinder you from expressing yourself and halting your dreams.

Turn pizza boxes into turn tables. Laugh at Death. Create and live and laugh and dance. Dress in whatever you want to. Wear lingerie and shorts, cartoon character hats, a banana costume or nothing at all. Just make sure you are living!

Because living, being alive, is what life is all about.

And Life is Beautiful.


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