How To Make America Great Again, or, The Case of how the media made us a country too afraid to change


RIP: The Fourth Estate

“America I’ve given you my all and now I’m nothing.”

Allen Ginsberg wrote those words 50 years ago. If he were still alive, I’m sure he’d echo those same sentiments.

I’ve stayed out of politics this year. Sure, I made some jokes on Twitter during the debates, but…man, it’s such a shit show isn’t it?
Social media has become a battle ground. Left vs Right. Why not vote independent? You’re wrong. She’s wrong. He’s wrong.
And yet…what’s the point?

We all know that arguing on Facebook isn’t going to change opinions. Arguments quickly derail into hate and threats and playground name calling.

I haven’t lost any friends because of this election, but I’ve seen people make claims like “if you vote for Trump, you might as well kiss our friendship goodbye” or “if you vote for Hillary, then you want this country to fail.”
Really, people? Really?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole thing burned down? If the whole idea of our “democratic” nation collapsed on itself and we were able to rebuild?
How long as it been since you’ve been able to trust a politician?
Sex scandals and secret deals.
You’d think that politicians weren’t humans.
You’d also think that maybe…just maybe, America…you’d want to hold the people in charge of running your country to a higher standard.

But, if you look at it…who is really to blame for this political nonsense that we are inundated with?
The Fourth Estate. Media. News. “Journalism.”
This started out as an “American get your shit together” article…but now, I’m thinking it’s an obituary. Think of this as a requiem for the Fourth Estate. Because it’s dead. News is no longer news. News is now entertainment.

And that is really what has prompted me to break free of the fictional stories (and oh how I wish that was the real world, now more than ever) and comment on what is happening.

The media has turned this election into something akin to a reality show. It’s not news. Where are the facts? It’s opinions sold to you as truth…it’s arguments on CNN, MSNBC, whatever…that fall into screaming matches and straight up lying.

But, we take those lies, bend them into our already media-warped view of the political situation, and regurgitate them as truth.

And that’s the kind of truth that will kill us.

America was once a great nation. Maybe the greatest.
But this idea of how America once was…this America that politicians on both sides of the aisle are trying to sell you…that America? It’s a simulacra. It’s an America that only exists in memories…memories warped by affluence, privilege and Hollywood.

America is great. Down below this disgusting surface of celluloid and silver screen nostalgia.
America: The Great Melting Pot!

What happened to that?

The news is full of cops killing civilians, politicians sending dick pics, and how unfair life is becoming…that’s what is being sold to you. The only time you’re going to see innovation, success, or happiness portrayed on the news is in some little hometown section about a pig farmer who grew the biggest pumpkin in Montana.

The news doesn’t want you to feel good. They want you scared. Do you know where your children are? What new drugs are they making from the dish soap you bought because it was the best bargain? What food did you read about on Pinterest that is great for the development of children’s brains that actually causes cancer?

Facts? Not any more.

And that’s the problem. The election is in 22 days and the facts have been swept away to provide us with entertainment.
And you eat it up like it’s the new season of The Bachelor or The Real Housewives of Capitol Hill.

You want Trump to grab your pussy but don’t want someone who identifies and lives as a woman to share your bathroom?
I won’t endorse any candidate…but what the fuck kind of reasoning is that?

You may want to vote a certain way to elicit change in America.
Change is good.
Politicians are bad!
We need someone who can change things. Someone who speaks his mind!

Hate speak is not speaking your mind. Listen, I’m glad you found someone you can identify with, someone who can help you release all of that vile shit you keep bottled up because society is “too sensitive.” You know what I call that? Racism. Sexism. Idiocy. Society isn’t too sensitive. You’re just full of hate and it has never been okay (in the past or in the present) to say such things to your fellow human beings.

And the other side…the left side. You’re no better. The things all of you people say to each other. It’s sad. I was going to say disgusting…but it’s sad.

America, I’m your disappointed mother. You have let me down.

You have been led astray. You are being lied to.

in 21 days (now) you will vote. I hope you do.
But for the minority of voters…things won’t go your way.

And you know what?

Unlike what all of the media outlets say…the world won’t end. America won’t be destroyed by a career politician or a business man.

You, America. You will destroy yourself. You are the snake eating your own tail. You are the coyote, caught in a trap, that will chew its leg off. But you’ll be free! You’ll pull your bleeding carcas away, teeth full of your own flesh and blood and bones…but you’ll be free damn it! Dead, but Free! (Good choice, no, really, I applaud you and your rights and your ability to make things worse than they already are.)

The presidential outcome won’t change a thing.
You will.

So watch the news. Take those political ad campaign commercials as truth. I wish I could say I didn’t care.
But, I do.

America…make up your own mind.
Don’t let blind faith and hate guide your choice.
America will be America like it has been since the Revolutionary War.

Just educate yourself. Yes. For the first time, the facts will not be handed to you. You want to make an educated vote you have to seek out the truth.
Seek. The. Truth.

Because, that’s what is really at stake here. The definition of truth.
But, don’t trust the Fourth Estate. They are no longer with us – rest in peace.

Be your own news.
Find your own truth.
The world is already strange, you just have to know where and how to look. No one will look for you.

This country is made out of independent individuals.
Be an individual.



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