Six Geese a Laying…

Farmer Randy had a made a solid business out of selling chicken eggs.  
Like everyone else, he was looking for the next big thing.

One afternoon, Farmer Randy was driving along in his battered pick-up when he noticed a small boy taunting a small flock of geese. Trying to pelt them with rocks by way of a slingshot.  

Farmer Randy bellowed at the boy to ‘knock it off’; the boy ran off. 

The small flock of geese stuck hung around. Farmer Randy watched them for a moment; and thought of that next big thing. 

Farmer Randy dashed home for supplies and came back to trap the geese. After a few hours of plotting and clumsy execution, he’d managed a haul of six geese.

They honked in the back of his pick-up as he hurried home.   

There were three coops on his property, but only two were full. He set up the third for the six new geese and they were more compliant with their new living quarters than he’d anticipated.

A few days passed before he found the first eggs. Six of them, one from each goose. 

He gathered the six eggs and rushed into his home, anxious to cook them and taste exactly what he knew the farmers’ market crowds would be clamoring for from him. 

Six goose eggs was a hefty order, but Farmer Randy was excited to see the goods from each goose. 

One by one, crack and sear. Crack and sear. 

They’d smelled just slightly different than chicken eggs. Heartier. 

Farmer Randy was six for six with the eggs. He pulled the pan from the stove and dumped the steaming heap of scrambled goose eggs onto a plate.

Farmer Randy turned to put the hot pan back on the stove when he saw them at his feet. 

The six geese.  

They honked and pecked at him. He danced around them, kicking at them. Their honks grew angrier and they wouldn’t let up.

Farmer Randy fell to the floor, flat on his back. The back of his skull took a hard smack, dazing him.  

The six geese took turns pecking at Farmer Randy. Obliterating his eyes, packing the mush into the sockets.   

Their beaks seized his tongue while he screamed; they pulled at it, loosening it from his bottom jaw.   

Finally, Farmer Randy swallowed his tongue. Choked on it. Flatlined.


6 Geese A-(Laying) Avenging






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