Hour 12: W.W.J.D?

At first Benny thought it was the fever, then he remembered he didn’t have a fever. He wasn’t even sick.

So, in fact, he had no explanation for Jesus Christ sitting at the foot of his bed,

Jesus. Christ. All shiny light and peace and warm tummy feelings.


“My child…” He reached out his hand and touched Benny on the forehead.

Benny began to cry, tears of hope and happiness.




“Yes, my son.”


“You’re really here?”


“Yes, my son. You were calling for me. And I am here.”


Benny jumped off of his bed and fell to his knees at the foot of the heavenly man.


“So, you forgive me?”


“Ask and you will be forgiven.”


He places his hand on Benny’s shoulder.
Benny’s skin began to burn but he didn’t want to pull away.
This must be a part of forgiveness.


“Yes, I forgive you, Benjamin. All you ever had to do is ask. I was listening.”


The burning became more intense and Benny let out a cry.
Jesus slapped him across the face.




“Shut up, Benjamin.”


“But…but you said…”


“I say a lot of things.”


Benny’s stomach sank.


“You really think I would forgive you? After what you did to those people? To those animals? ANIMALS!! You’re a monster!”




“Jesus? Ha! I can’t believe you thought for even one second that Jesus would forgive you.”


Benny opened his mouth, trying to scream, but a thick black liquid spewed forth.

Jesus stepped closer and looked down at Benny.


“What you’re drowning on…those are your sins, Benny. You’ve been a very bad boy.”


The halo over Jesus’s head turned into a crown of fire and horns began to grow from his long, now dirty, hair.


“Well, Benny…Benny the Montana Monster…are you ready to go to your new home?”


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