Hour 18: Like in the Movies

As the rope tightened around his neck he couldn’t help but give up.
He’d been running all night, hiding and crying and vomiting,
He was alone. The last one.
And now…hot breath on his neck, laughter, the stench of the death of his friends.


The rope tightens and he thought this kind of shit didn’t happen it real life.
It was for shitty Halloween movies and suspense flicks with Keanu Reeves.


His legs were throbbing and weak.
He struggled at first, trying to claw the rope away from his throat, but the man in the Halloween mask pulled tighter and tighter,


He thought he was in love once.
But she was dead now.


His vision blurs but there are sirens somewhere, Getting closer?

No. No sirens. Just the blood pounding in his ears.


This was it.
The end.
The last kill in the horror movie before the killer gets killed but comes back for the sequel.


This shit isn’t supposed to happen in real life.


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