Hour 20: Bye-Bye 2

He bought the doll as a gift for his wife. 

She loved dolls…and he got a good price for this one. 

It scared him but he never really liked dolls anyways. 


The doll said as he tossed it onto the front seat. 

“Yeah. Bye-bye ya creepy bastard.”

The sky was clear when he went into the antique store, but now the clouds were rolling in strong and it looked like a storm. 

“Bye-bye” the doll said. 

God, he thought, is it really that sensitive? I touch the breaks and the damn thing talks?

He drives slowly, the rain comes down sudden and hard. 

“Bye-bye” the doll says and lightning strikes a nearby telephone pole. 

“Holy shit! That was close!” His heart is racing and he just wants to be home. 

It’s getting harder to see through the rain. 

It sounds like stones pelting his car. 

He pulls over onto the side of the road, hoping the rain will stop soon. 

“Bye-bye” the doll says. 

“Would you shut the fuck up?”

He grabs the doll, looking for batteries that he can take out. 

“Bye-bye” the doll says. 

He hears thunder and something long and brassy, too. 

“Bye-bye” the doll says as a speeding semi smashes into his door. 

“Bye-bye” the doll says as his car flips over and over.

“Bye-bye” the doll says as his ribs break and pierce his lungs. 

“Bye-bye” the doll says as the clouds begin to part and sun shines again. 


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