Hour 7: Interview



B: Why am I here?
Dr: You’ve done something bad. Do you know what the means?
B: Duh. I’m seven, not stupid. It means I did something not good.

Dr: Do you know what you did?

B: I killed them.

Dr: Who did you kill, Bethany?

B: All of them.


[Indistinct shuffling]


Dr: And why did you do that?

B: He told me to.

Dr: Who did?

B: He did! Are you blind? He’s right behind you.

Dr: Now is not the time to play games, Bethany. You’ve done something very serious. Something very bad.

B: It wasn’t bad.

Dr: Bethany, you killed your family. That is very bad.

B: Not bad. It was fun. He liked it.

Dr: Who did?

B: He did. He did. He did!

Dr: For the record, Bethany is pointing behind me at the wall, where there is no one.

B: Ah, you’re right, bitch.

Dr: E-excuse me.

B: There is no one back there. I’m right here.

Dr: Bethany, now is not the time for games.

B: Games? Do you think this is funny? You have me locked up in here while the night is going by. Games? Bitch, if you only knew what you were stopping, what you have ruined.


[Heavy sigh]


B: Let me out.

Dr: I don’t think I can do that….please sit down…

B: Stupid, stupid, stupid doctor.

Dr: What are you doing?
B: Fulfilling the reason that stupid girls parents called me here.




[Glass breaking?]


[End of recording.]


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